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This site is currently unavailable but you can view our products at www.sneakerhead.co.za


Why the change of address?

A lot has changed in the sneaker scene in South Africa over the last few years and simply put we didn’t feel like we were doing anything different to the countless sneaker resellers that have popped up of late. When we started Soled Out, our main goal was to provide a safe, online shopping environment where shoppers could buy the latest drops because there wasn’t anything like that available in South Africa at the time.

In reality we stopped being “resellers” over a year and a half ago. When we started up, we only needed to source a handful of pairs for a few regulars but this soon got out of control. We found ourselves needing multiple size curves of just about every release and soon came to realize that this would mean a lot of disappointed people in queues and since those same people were our intended customer base we didn’t feel we were in fact providing a valuable service

Our next project was to create an online consignment store, linking buyers and sellers around the country with authentic sneakers. This model was a lot more practical and allowed us to offer a wider range of products but it still had limitations, what we needed was a new platform for sneaker heads around the country to be able to trade, buy, sell, learn or just talk about their favorite kicks.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so now that we feel sufficiently flattered and South Africa has a variety of reseller sites to visit we feel like it is time to move on to something bigger and more exciting.

And so we proudly present sneakerhead.co.za – South Africa’s first community powered sneaker news and consignment store.

We hope to see you there soon!

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Our contact details are still the same :) For any enquiries please contact us at info@soledout.co.za